Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Just for you!! Happy Birthday!!!

Enjoy brother ;-)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

"Mirrors" to Listen To

Dam Funk "Mirrors" Video.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Carter Documentary

We all love Weezy!!! Even with his dredlocked gremlim, cough syrup'd, New Orlean self. And when his album 'The Carter III' sold a million records in a week (pretty impressive!) he was firmly put on the top of the list of Rappers and male artists that were to be WATCHED for 09 and the coming milestone.

Having appeared on almost every recent award show possible, collaborated with just about everyone (even Jay Sean!! but not Miley Cyrus...yet!!!)brought us Hip Hop that rocked (literally. I'm sure this dude wants to be a rock star!)and served up one of the best lines of 09 "i got tattoo's on my face and these don't come out, (referring to the diamonds in his mouth) im a mutha furckin gangsta!!, Lil Wayne keeps up our interest in this weasel with The Carter Documentary. A behind the scenes look on Weezy's life as he goes on tour, promotes his album, chills with friends and family and does what those who have fame and money get up to.

However the feeling i get from the trailer is that life as Lil Wayne isnt necessarily all that we think its cracked up to be.

Lil Wayne's "The Carter Documentary" Trailer from LowKey on Vimeo.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Zone7style x The Other Side of the Pillow - Deadstock Sale

If you like Deadstock, 70s 80s 90s designer gear, sportswear, sunglasses, shoes, trainers, sneakers and loads more products you've probably never seen before. This is the place that you HAVE to get down to. With vintage items from Versace, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Ray Ban, Vans and Nike to mention a few, they'll be plenty of rarities to shop or fight for.

The Other Side of the Pillow (Vans deadstock aficionados) and Zone7style (collector Seth Bradley's website) teaming up to bring you these delights.

Zone7style x The Other Side of the Pillow - Deadstock Sale/exhibition.
21st November 09
Albert and Pearl
Upper Street, Islington, London
free entry.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Drop and dUMP!

Okay, i've got a huge apology to write! S O R R Y!!!!!! The post's have been rather uncoherent, fact, rather ABSENT! I been slacking ...what else can i say.

But im BACK like Chaka Khan! (did she even have a come back? *gassing!!*) As im feeling rather intrigued, enthused and dam right foolish by what i see:

10.Deep Winter 2009/2010 Photoshoot Preview from 10 Deep on Vimeo.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sneaker V Shoes

With the winter party season ahead (ohhh, maybe i should take this time to mention that its my birthday soon....yeah!!!!!!!!!!) im starting to look at party outfits, which kinda means party footwear for me. And as im struggling to find my perfect pair of autumn/ winter sneakers, footwear infact as im looking to kop something a little different, ive become increasingly obsessed with SHOES!! And for all you'll hard ass sneakettes, take a look at these beauties;

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

MOBO Music

As the MOBO'S go under way today (today!! already!! what, no one's been saying nutting bout no MOBO's......yeah, i know!) and i saw these new video releases from two of Britains finest m.c's (is that even the right term?), take a peek at Bashy's Life (who just keeps making really really good videos to boot with extremly well produced tracks...big big) and Kano (good to see the bruda back although this autotune hype is slightly jarring) with his new track Rock N Rolla

Rock 'N Roller from Kano on Vimeo.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Casette Playa x Nike Dunk Hi Redo

After the huge collaborative sucess on the Blazer Hi with Casette Playa, Nike once again hooked up with Carrie Mundane for a Fall 2009 Dunk Hi release. However unable to match the par set by the eye catching and quirky SS09 Blazer, the initail design of this model looked like this:
and in turn, didnt really get the juices flowing. So after some creative updating with twicks here and there, the Casette Playa x Nike Dunk Hi now looks like this:
The clear swoosh remains, and the orange sole carries that Casette Playa vibe alongwith one of her graphics on the toebox, but all in all these fall pretty short of anything 'wow-ey' especially in comparision with the Blazor that seemed to get everyone loving it once some sunny days came to play.

Make up your own mind about these though as they get an October release.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Out and About with Ollie Danger

BNLT's Ollie Danger gives us the second installment of 'Out and About'. A mini series that looks at some of the best local amenities in and around london. Taking us to The Other Side of the Pillow, a new store with a ridiculous deadstock collection, watch the vid, watch this space, and Enjoy!

Out & About w/Ollie Danger Episode 2 from Ollie on Vimeo.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Something beginning with P

New Balance M575J WF “Pony Hair”.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Jeremy Scott for adidas AW09 Pop Up Store, London

September's in full swing, London Fashion week commences and AW09 pieces become a neccesity. adidas Orginals announces the arrival of a Jeremy Scott Pop Up Store at No6 Newburgh St. Popping up only for the duration of London Fashion Week September 2009, the pop-up store will stock the entire new adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2009 collection. These pieces go really fast and are always hard to kop, so dont sleep irrespective of this instantaneous store, as all the fashionista's in town will be sure to pop up and pick up his stock.

Jeremy Scott for Originals by Originals Pop Up Store dates:
Saturday 19th September to Monday 28th September 2009.

No6 Newburgh St

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat 10.30am to 6.30am
Sun 1pm to 5.30pm